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How do we do?

Each project has different characteristics and needs, each project is unique and has its own prominence.
At Making Confidence we offer consultancy to your business, we outline the strategy and measures that best fit your case. We guide you through the entire integration process in the world of Digital Marketing.

We begin by evaluating the performance of your digital presence and all the campaigns and strategies previously outlined by you.

We present you with a detailed report where you can perceive everything your company is doing well or poorly and how to improve every aspect we consider negative in the medium or long term.

You can hire us to consult and implement the strategy in your business, but if you prefer, you can implement it individually.

We have a team of specialists in the various areas of digital Marketing, such as designers, marketeers and developers, so that it is a serious and effective analysis when it comes time to see the results.

Some steps in the process:

  • Digital Presence Analysis
    • Social networks
    • Website
    • Campaigns
    • SEO
    • SEM
    • Keywords optimization
    • Emai Marketing
  • Brand image analysis
  • Positive and negative points of the online business
  • Medium Long term Digital Marketing solutions
  • Delineation of a strategy
  • Tips for maintaining an active digital presence
  • Email Marketing Tips
  • Results Report