What is SEO and how it works?

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What is SEO?

SEO has been one of the most talked techniques in Digital Marketing lately but also one of the most difficult to explain.
So if you are reading this article it is because you probably have not yet figured out exactly what it is or how to put these techniques into practice.

Let’s start with the meaning of the acronym SEO or “Search Engine Optimization”, that doesn’t explain much, right? So SEO is a set of strategies that are used to improve the positioning of a website in the results pages.

In one sentence I would say that SEO is the ability to increase free and quality traffic in order to get new customers/readers.

What are the advantages of SEO?

All the techniques used in SEO aim to increase the number of visits to your website and put it in 1st place! After all, what good is it to have the best business in the world if it appears in the last position?

It is very important to define your target audience and theme before starting your page because without a direction your page will certainly be confusing and poorly ranked in the search engines.

How should optimized content be like

The content presented must be dynamic, up to date, with relevant information and with the use of some keywords that are related to the business itself.
So, you will have to think about what words your customers use when they are looking for your type of services/products.
For example, if you have a workshop, the keywords might be “repair a car”, “change tires”, “broken car”, “car parts”, “paint”, “touch up”, “oil change”, “air-conditioned” among many others.
All of these keywords are used so when customers are looking for your services/products they’ll find your business on the front page.

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There are several studies that prove the importance of appearing on the first page of a search engine, with 87% of people only clicking in the first 5 results.
SEO strategies can improve both the number of visitors and the quality of visitors.

When it comes to improving the quality of visitors we mean to achieve your goals, if you want to increase sales, more feedback or just get more traffic, it all depends on your purpose.

How is the position of websites defined?

The search engines have their own parameters and algorithms to analyze the performance of the pages and define through classifications which will appear first.

The main factors analyzed are the following:

  • User experience – Feedback that users give when visiting websites is one of the main factors that search engines analyze to rank the position of the site. Usually, the user rates the speed of the site, the content, and whether the site is functional or not.
  • The relevance of content – is the link between the word we search for and the content of the page, meaning if we search for “change tires” and then we enter the site and this service does not exist, the page will have a bad rating for sure.
  • Website/page authority – This criterion is based only on the visibility of a website/page, the more followers/views the website has the more relevancy will be given to the content they post.
  • Content size – Search engines look for the most complete content, so that when the user searches, it is clear that they should validate if your type of customer likes long or short content. Please be aware that this is not a rule.
  • Friendly URLs – When creating the page, the URL must be taken into account, the simpler, easier and straightforward it is, the easier it will be for readers to reach you.

Not optimized: http://www.myblog.com/What_IS_SeO%myblog

Optimized: https://www.makingconfidence.com/5-steps-to-build-your-online-presence/

What does On-Page mean?

When we refer to On-Page we are talking about the content and structure of the site meaning all the internal factors.
From the moment we enter a site/page everything counts towards the classification of the site but the most notable are:

  • Loading time for each page
  • Quality of textual and visual content
  • User feedback
  • Website complexity

It is important that the contents are original, dynamic, interactive and have a concrete goal, because putting text just to fill will not serve anything.
Keyword repetition is not a good indicator because they may consider the page as SPAM, so before putting the content up, see if it makes sense and if they are not repeating ideas, this effect is also known as Keyword stuffing.
For example, a site that sells plant seeds and all the texts online use the word sale or promotion will automatically be considered as SPAM thus losing quality and hence the position in which it appears in the search engines.
There are ways to keep customers interested without ever mentioning the same words. In the case of seeds, it is quite simple, you can put texts about the benefits of planting, trivia about plants or even videos of how to sow / water plants.

What factors can affect a page’s positioning?

We’ve already seen some techniques you can use to improve the performance of your page/site and generate more views and even new customers.
Now let’s see what are the factors that negatively affect the sites:

  • Pages that take a long time to load, it’s annoying and the visitors will immediately lose the urge to continue exploring your page;
  • Without news, when we open a page and see that the last post was a year ago we immediately lose interest;
  • Keyword stuffing, the repetition of words make all texts seem the same;
  • Repeated contents, if you want to re-post some article always be careful to delete the previous one, or even improve it to make a part II.

Curiosity: There is a dark side of SEO called Black Hat SEO. In this case, techniques are used to try to deceive the algorithms of the search engines to improve the positioning of the site. But if they are discovered they can be eliminated from the search engines or placed in the last places.

Any other way to appear at first?

We must keep in mind that SEO is an unsecured practice, there is no company or person that can guarantee that your site will be ranked first in a search, the only ones that could come to guarantee this are the search engines themselves like the Google, Bing, duckduckgo or Yahoo.

But of course, there is a way to ensure that your page appears first and there is guaranteed, which is to pay for the sponsorship of the page. Please note that sponsored links or Ads should not be confused with SEO techniques.